There is something about endings and beginnings, especially around New Year… Whether you participate in the whole energy explosion around midnight or stay far away from it while convincing yourself tomorrow is just a day as any other… whether things are going smoothly or life has been very hard on you and you carry little faith that things might turn around… still, somewhere deep inside there is this voice, this question, a wonder of what the new year will bring and we wish for it to be nice.

New beginnings always carry a certain energy of a fresh new start. It doesn’t have to be life-changing, but it has this essence, like an allowance, and hope we give ourselves to THEN make the changes, or to reinforce what we already really love in our lifes.

Theres no right or wrong in it! Whatever it takes to let you create or enhance a positive shift and take (further) action.. embrace it! And hold on to it! :)

So… What can 2016 do for you?

new year