The Science behind Yoga

When we practice yoga, we often feel changes happening in our body, but also in our mind, our thoughts, our emotions… suddenly things start to shift and in the beginning it feels so unlikely it actually has something to do with yoga… . Because it is only a few postures, right…? And some breathing… .
What can those do…?

However after a while, you just KNOW… . It can’t be ignored any longer. Yoga really has very powerful effects on your whole being. Body, mind, psyche, emotions, … . Everything! So why is that? And is it real?? And can Science back up these experiences?’

Yes it is, and yes it can.

This short film crossed my path a while ago and felt it was so valuable to share. It has an abundance of interesting scientific information, no matter how long you’ve been practicing yoga… or even when you’re not practicing at all and just wondering what all the fuzz is about… :)

Enjoy watching it!

All credits and gratitude go to UPLIFTCONNECT for sharing this wonderful creation.


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