NEW MOON – seeding Intentions


Most of us live our lifes by routines, patterns and structures we have once adapted. If we wouldn’t have these, we would loose a lot of energy trying to figure out every day and every moment where to go, what to do, how to behave. Life would become pretty chaotic.

However somehow along the way, we’ve forgotten that it is us who have created these patterns and it is us ourselves, who can adjust them and add in or change elements in it if we feel that desire.

Intentions are what fuels our actions.
Intentions are the conscious or unconscious reasons why we do or don’t do something. And the sum of all our intentions and actions is what creates eventually our everyday reality and life. Whether it is the way you relate to others, to yourself, your hobbies, your job, food, the dreams you purchase, your clothes, … . Just name it! Theres always an underlying reason or default setting.

And yet same time we carry wishes, ideas and plans of elements we would so love to see present in our lifes…
Only to find ourselves wanting to go in one direction, and acting out something completely different.

The good news is… there is a whole logic and science behind it. And with that, comes also a whole range of tools and techniques we can work with.

And that’s what we do on these evenings!

We work with our subconscious mind, like you would programme a GPS, and then, let this one run our minds for us… !

Why on New Moon?
This is actually one of the techniques to bypass our busy minds and has all to do with our glandular system, hormones and waterbalances in our bodies, making our mental and emotional energies a lot calmer and more receptive. Which is exactly what we need!

Simply through the act of writing/drawing while connecting with our dreams, we will strengthen those seeds deeper within us.
Don’t worry if it is your first time, you’ll be guided through the background and most key techniques :)
Looking forward to share this practice with you and making those dreams more accessible.



* We do not share our intentions, so they stay entirely with you ♥
* Wear comfy clothing as we’ll be sitting on the floor (no physical activities)
* If you have a journal or dreambook, feel free to work in that if you wish :)
* Let me know if you are interested in joining so I can make proper arrangements for you!


– Exchange of energy 15-20€ –


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