REIKICIRCLE – a time to unwind, relax, rebalance and heal


Reiki is a Japanese term meaning ‘Universal Life Energy

We all have life-energy running through us and when our energy (Ki, Chi, Prana, … ) can flow freely, we feel alive, happy, light, … .  Same time when there are blockages, we might experience tiredness, lower energy, stress, worries, physical ailments, … .

Reiki helps to balance our energyflow.
It is done by ‘laying on hands‘ (think of placing your hands on a child’s pain when or holding your head when you have a headache) and is a very pure and safe method of healing, accessible to everyoneIt is not a religion, dogma, and you even don’t have to believe in it in order for it to flow. Life-energy happens anyway :)

The amount of Reiki transferred, is entirely determined by the receiver on energetical level and so you can never receive more than you are ready for in that moment.

Reiki works like a deep relaxation and when done regularly, one gradually becomes more balanced inwardly and outwardly, more in tune with your inner Self and feelings of stress or being out of sync start to disappear. A sense of peace, security, wellbeing start to arise and physical and mental afflictions improve or might even disappear.

In case you are receiving other healing modalities such as medicinal or therapeutic, reiki may be practiced and support you in alleviating potential side-effects and promoting recovery.


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During this session we all give and we all receive reiki in small groups of 2 or 3 people.
It is open to all, even if you have never done reiki before as you’ll be then given a heartattunement.

Once a month there will be a free introtalk preceding our reikicircle wherein there is space for questions or more exploration of these sessions.
Pls feel free to join these as well, but know you can already join in on any given time. <3

*  wear clothing you feel comfy in
*  if possible, pls bring your yogamat (chances are that you’re sharing one with your groupmembers,… but just in case ;)
*  drink lots of water after a reikisession to assist the releasing process

Spaces are limited according to the number of attunements!
So make sure you reserve your place and mention whether you have reiki-experience or not.


– Exchange of energy 12€ – 

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