LivingSouls is about creating opportunities for you to come more into contact with yourSelf, with your Heart, your wishes, your essence. To bring more light(ness) into your life and removing the innerobstacles that hold you back or keep you down!

Not everyone is called to the same method or approach. That is why a variety of practices is shared, each of them offering a different angle that might assist you in finding your way Home. They can range from working with your dreams and wishes; to Trauma Therapy through BBTRS®; Kundalini Yoga; Deep Tissue Bodywork to Reiki etc.

The name LivingSouls refers to Souls becoming alive. Not just you as a person, but really from your heart, your Spirit, your Soul. It feels seriously different!

It also refers to the initial space of where I envisioned sharing the practices, in a more personal and soulconnected energy than in a studio… my LivingRoom.

Eventually, it became a mixture of venues :) … but the aim always remains the same.

To connect You with YOUR ESSENCE and bring that out!!

So simply check out the schedule and join in any time.

Looking forward to having our Paths crossed soon ♥

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