REIKI is a Japanese term meaning ‘Universal Life Energy

We all have life-energy running through us and when our energy (Ki, Chi, Prana, … ) can flow freely, we feel alive, inspired, happy, light .  

Same time when there are blockages, we might experience tiredness, lower energy, stress, worries, physical ailments.

Reiki helps to balance our energyflow.
It is mostly done by ‘laying on hands‘, which we already do instinctively when we experience for instance a headache. Or when a child fell down.

It is a pure and safe method of healing, which can be combined with other practices or treatments and doesn`t require any belief, religion or dogma in order for it to flow.
It is accessible to everyone.
Life-energy happens anyway :)

Reiki works like a deep harmonisation and when done regularly, one gradually becomes more balanced inwardly and outwardly, more in tune with ones inner Self and feelings of stress or being out of sync start to disappear. A sense of peace, security, wellbeing start to arise and physical and mental afflictions improve or might even disappear.

In case you are receiving other healing modalities such as medicinal or therapeutic, reiki may be practiced and support you in alleviating potential side-effects and promoting recovery.


               Ways you can enjoy the benefits of Reiki at LivingSouls

A weekly grouppractice where we come together in small groups and share Reiki with one another.
You will be given a temporary attunement if you haven’t had any previous one yet, which will allow you to join and experience the flow of Reiki running through your hands.
(This is a very unique attunement and not much available around, so enjoy it! :) )

A much deeper journey as you will receive a 1-hr personal Reiki treatment.
It works on the deeper layers and issues that might be present within you, working on your immunesystem, energy.


Reiki is energy and doesn’t depend on time nor location.
So you can be anywhere and still receive the full benefit of a Reiki treatment.

Why not learn it yourself and enjoy the flow of Reiki available to you to heal yourself and others around you!
Reiki Level 1, 2 and 3 trainings.
Check out the calendar to see when the next one is up!

I am connected with the Reikicentre and we have a very strong and active lineage. You can continue your trainings with any one of us and are connected to a bigger energetic and physical network.

Please connect for more info and bookings.

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