Earthday ★ Vegan Potluckdinner 2016

FB_earthday_potluck3Join us to celebrate global Earthday 2016 with a Vegan Potluckdinner next friday at Park Spoor Noord!

Besides all the health benefits and moral aspects, a plant-based diet is one of the most significant ways to save our planet from pollution and climate change.

Whether you are vegan or just really curious, you are invited to join in on this evening to taste and share yum vegan food with loved ones, friends and others. Get inspired, mix and mingle and just kickback and relax at the park.

Hope to see you soon :)


Vegan Potluck
Potluck ★ you bring a dish to share
Vegan  ★ free from meat, fish, dairy (butter, milk, cream, …), eggs, honey
What is left then? EVERYTHING else… ! :)
Think vegan spreads, crackers, dishes with rice, quinoa, potatoes, vegan pizzas, roasted veggies, salads, dips, wraps, juices, fruit, vegan desserts, …

• Bring your picnic blanket or something to sit on
All ages are welcome and there is a playground next to the event
• There are no restrictions on gluten/nuts etc so small labels will be available to easily note the allergens
• Be sure to bring your own cup, plate and cutlery as we’re striving for a low waste event! There will be some paper plates and napkins as backup if necessary. Thank you!

Its a free event :)

Youtube: What a first reiki-experience can feel like

Sometimes in our lifes certain topics can suddenly show up in your presence over and over again,… so much that you actually start to feel a little bit suspicious.

One of our lovely souls, Isabelle, kept on bumping into reiki a lot lately. She had never experienced a reikihealing before and was a little reluctant to try. After a meditationsession at my place, she suddenly asked if I had some spare time as she wanted to take the jump and see what reiki was all about!

I was honored to do so and afterwards she actually described her experiences beautifully in a very pure and authentic way on her veganlifestyle-vlog. To see this, click on the following link!  Isabellefollowsthefruit 💜