Breath Ceremony

A Breath Ceremony is a powerful group session of 3 hours.

We start with a dance meditation followed by a group breath session based on the BBTRS ® method (

During a Breath Ceremony we use deep connected breathing to charge up the body, activating belts of tension related to not expressed emotions or unprocessed traumas. In this way we can break through the body armoring and release mental, emotional and physical blockages.

We offer you a safe space and support you in the free expression of this blocked energy.

In a Breath Ceremony your energy starts flowing freely again. The result is an experience of deep inner peace. You reconnect with yourself and others and feel the full range of emotions and sensations you are capable of as a human being.

Pregnancy, heart problems and hypertension, severe psychiatric symptoms.

GC De Zeyp, 47 rue Zeypstraat 47, 1083 Ganshoren (Brussels), Room pilaar 1th floor

From 14.00 (doors open at 13.45 – we start on time) till 17.00.

– loose clothing
– a (down)blanket to lay on
– a blanket to cover you
– a bottle of water

Your place is only guarantied after subscription on




Soundhealing is a time where you simply rest, lying down on your mat and let the sounds of various music instruments travel through you, taking you on a relaxing healing journey. Like a gentle shower these vibrations and positive resonances release energetic blockages, creating a deeper relaxation and promoting our body’s abilities to heal itself. It is a wonderful journey.

* Thursday September 1st
* 20.00 – 22.00pm
* Bring your yogamat and blanket
* Dorp Oost 14, 2070 Zwijndrecht

Heartfelt donations are deeply welcomed to support their travels and offerings

If you have any physical challenges that might make resting down uncomfortable, pls don’t hesitate to inform me so we can arrange accordingly.

SHAMANIC JOURNEY with Martine Hertogs (in Dutch)


Tijdens deze reis zakken we af in ons diepere zelf, op zoek naar een stukje van onszelf dat we ergens op een bepaald moment misschien verloren zijn geraakt, maar dat we nodig hebben om verder te kunnen gaan.

Begeleid door trom en zang reis je naar je innerlijke heilige ruimte. Hier nodig je een begeleider uit (innerlijk) en samen met deze begeleider, reis je naar jouw innerlijke krachtplek, op zoek naar heling, kracht en wijsheid.

Een mooie, helende reis, open voor iedereen, man of vrouw, die meer inzicht in zichzelf wil krijgen en diepere patronen wil helen. <3