BREATH CEREMONY (Traumarelease)

A Breath Ceremony is a powerful groupsession based on the BBTRS ® method (

During this Ceremony we use deep connected breathing to charge up the body. Hereby we activate the areas in our body where tension is held, usually formed by unexpressed emotions or unprocessed traumas. By charging up our body with energy, we can create space in these areas, allowing movement to happen, offering a chance to break through the body armoring and release mental, emotional and physical blockages.

It enables you to gain deeper inner peace and reconnecting back to yourself and others through a whole range of more accessible emotions and sensations.

These groupcircles are done in a safe environment, held by 3-4 BBTRS facilitators to optimize support during your journey.

Severe psychiatric symptoms or deep depression, pregnancy, heart problems, hypertension, certain eyeconditions
Please feel free to connect if you have any questions or doubts!


Bring with you:
– loose clothing
– a (down)blanket to lay on
– a blanket to cover you
– a bottle of water


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