REIKICIRCLE – a time to unwind, relax, rebalance and heal


During this session we all give and we all receive reiki in small groups of 2 or 3 people.
It is open to all, even if you have never done reiki before as you’ll be then given a heartattunement.

Once a month there will be a free introtalk preceding our reikicircle wherein there is space for questions or more exploration of these sessions.
Hop in on these ones any time if you wish to discover more about Reiki or have any questions.

*  wear clothing you feel comfy in
*  pls bring along a yogamat (chances are that you’re sharing one with your groupmembers,.. but just in case ;)
*  drink lots of water after a reikisession to assist the detoxification process
Session 15€


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